Premier League set to reintroduce five substitutions rule next season

Premier League clubs are expected to vote in favour of plans to reintroduce the use of five substitutions in games from next season.

Clubs agreed to increase the number of substitutes they were allowed to name on their bench and use in a match for Project Restart in 2019/20 and the entirety of 2020/21.

However, unlike most of Europe, Premier League sides could not agree on retaining the use of five substitutions for the 2021/22 campaign, reverting to the original three-sub rule used prior to the pandemic.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been one of several managers who has been vocal on the issue, insisting that all clubs need more substitutions in order to battle fatigue in an ever-busier footballing calendar rather than for tactical reasons.

And it looks like Klopp and co will get their wish, with The Times reporting that there is a 'high confidence' among clubs in favour of the rule change that five substitutions will be allowed from next season again.

The rule change will be voted on by Premier League stakeholders on Thursday before being officially confirmed in June.

The issue has been debated among Premier League captains and managers plenty in recent weeks, with most conceding that the change is indeed necessary from a physical standpoint.

Source : 90min