Watford Manager Nigel Pearson Criticises Boris Johnson's Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

Watford manager Nigel Pearson has hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Premier League, Football League and WSL have been suspended as a result of the pandemic. 

Despite other European countries being in lockdown, daily life in the UK has effectively gone on as usual, with thousands gathering at Cheltenham Festival over the last three days without a care in the world.

While Labour leadership contenders have been reluctant to criticise Johnson in the wake of the outbreak, emphasising the importance of unity and pulling together, Hornets boss Pearson was happy to take a swipe at the PM.

Johnson called a press conference on Thursday to address the escalating situation, but Pearson was left unimpressed with his comments.

As quoted by the ​Daily Mail, the ​Watford manager said: "I don't think we had any great leadership last night, listening to the Prime Minister.


"I was totally underwhelmed by the lack of leadership and clear message, in terms of what was said in that press conference.

"We are trying to be proactive ourselves and hopefully the ​Premier League will make strong decisions based on what is right for everybody in the game."

Pearson is not the first person from footballing circles to criticise the Prime Minister. Following Johnson's press conference, where he insisted that the UK would not be closing schools, Cesc Fabregas ​took to Twitter to voice his concerns.

"So, you’re saying and admitting the disease will spread so much over the next weeks/months but you’re not closing schools “just yet”...," Fabregas wrote.

"You will have to close them eventually anyway. Why not do it now and avoid more trouble? #LetsBeResponsable"

Lucas Digne gave a less scathing assessment of the situation than Fabregas, but also showed his dismay at the PM's comments.

The ​Everton left-back ​replied to the video of Johnson posted by BBC News on Twitter with three 'see no evil monkey' emojis. BoJo must be quaking in his boots.

Source : 90min